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Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage - 75 minutes $100

The ultimate relaxation…a complete full-body massage with an essential essence blend created just for you.  This is the most beneficial aromatherapy treatment for the body, mind and soul! Hyggelig happiness!

Upper Body Massage - 45 minutes $75.00

This massage focuses on the areas of tension in the back, shoulder blades, shoulders and neck areas.  ~A choice of a chair or table massage, along with an essential essence blend.

Indian Head Massage - 45 minutes $75.00

Seated in a chair, this Ayurvedic based massage includes the shoulder blades, shoulders, neck, arms, chest, face and head. Massage movements are both relaxing and invigorating. Use of oil on skin is optional. Very releasing! 

Aromatherapy Facial Treatment -60 min~$100.00

Feel pampered with an aromatherapy facial, which includes massage of the face, shoulders and scalp. While detoxifying with a mask enjoy a hand/arm or foot massage as well. Hyggelig bliss!

Reiki and Chakra Balancing -60 min~$75.00

Enjoy a gentle energy balancing treatment which will soothe and relax you. (May be combined with an aromatherapy treatment of your choice, price will vary). May include the use of crystals.

Therapeutic Consultation  - $25.00

Consultation fee plus cost of product. May be scheduled for personal blend (essential oil blend for condition) or signature blend for home or business made with essential oils. 

Personal Guarantee ~ All products used are of the highest quality. All services are 100% ethical.~.