Hyggelig Aromatherapy​


Diffuser for essential oils 

Electrical (plug in) “Aromasens” Vapourizers use ultrasonic technology to disperse the pure essential oils in water into the air without heating. They are safe and economical to use; excellent for purifying the air in your home or business. A 5 ml pure essential oil blend is included with purchase.

Pure Essential Oils/Blends (prices vary)

The Pure Essential Oil blends are used in the Diffuser by adding 4 to 12 drops (depending on the blend) into water or onto the felt pad (smaller diffusers). Essential oils are anti-bacterial and generally safe when dispersed into the air. Take care around animals and young children as they are sensitive.

*For Personal use, please take care with pure essential oils. Dilute by adding to cream or oil before applying onto skin. Ensure the essential oils are safe for the skin before applying.

To inhale: sprinkle a few drops of the essential oils onto a cotton ball or tissue. Use on a facecloth in the shower.

Pure essential oils and blends are available upon request. Essential oil prices vary.

Chakra Blends - $10.00 

7 Chakra Blends:

Base ---Sacral ---Solar Plexus ---Heart ----Throat ---Third Eye ---Crown

Each blend has been created with love and intuition to balance your energetic centers!

Products – Made with Essential Oils

 Aromatherapy Mists (Spray Bottle)  - $15.00 (100 ml)  $10.00 (60 ml)

Shake before misting over and around your body. A safe way to inhale the health-enhancing essential oils. Surround yourself with aromatherapy!

Blends available: Calming, Balancing, Peaceful, Bliss, Vanilla, Peppermint & Lavender or Seasonal Blends.

Yoga Mat Spray: antibacterial, cleansing and relaxing too.

Body Scents (Natural Perfume)

Personal perfumes are made in a base of jojoba or coconut oil. Apply to the pulse points on your body or inhale whenever you desire a personal aromatic experience!

Blends available: Aroma Hug, Sex Bomb, Aphrodite, Chakra Blends, Zen Blends.

Therapeutic Blends (Holistic Support)

Massage directly to the area of the body required using the roller ball. The jojoba oil base is much like the sebum in your skin so will absorb easily into the body. Inhale as well to enhance the therapeutic qualities of the blend!

Blends available: Immune Support, Headache Relief and Re-lease Muscle Pain.

Bath Salts                                   

Massage Oils

Whipped Body Butter

Lip Balm


~Products and blends can be custom-made for you upon request~.