Hyggelig Aromatherapy​


I am dedicated to the safe use of essential oils. I am dedicated to your wellness. 


History and Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic art and science of using the essence of various plants, trees, resins, fruits and flowers to enhance and help heal the body, mind and spirit.

The essential oil is usually obtained by distillation or expression of the plant; this concentrated essence is truly a gift from nature. The use of aromatics dates back in history thousands of years. The modern practice of aromatherapy has emerged in the last century mainly from Europe and is practiced all over the world by certified aromatherapists.

Our sense of smell is connected to the limbic system in the brain which is an avenue for essential oils into the body along with absorption through the skin. Internal use of essential oils is not advised nor recommended in my certification and membership under the BCAOA and BCAPA.

Hyggelig Aromatherapy

Pronounced "hew-ga-lee" this Danish word basically means "cozy and comfortable", that wonderful sensation of feeling content and safe. My goal as a fully trained and certified Aromatherapist is to create an ambiance within my treatments and enhanced by my products that will inspire and infuse this "hyggelig" feeling.

I wish to acknowledge Michael Green as the artist who created the beautiful logo of the infinity hearts and kindly allowed me to share it.

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 Calm the mind
› Soothe skin conditions
› Relax sore muscles
› Balance hormones
› Promote peaceful sleep
› Antibiotic qualities
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